Escrowserves is a private limited company.

We serve to protect you in a transaction. Caleb Winston, our founder, believes in extending consumer rights to all areas of commerce. Until now, consumers have been well protected by law in retail transactions, but not in consumer-to-consumer transactions and not in non-retail transactions (buying a car, paying a plumber/builder, renting a holiday home, etc). Similarly, small businesses have had little legal protection in money related transactions. From 24th October 2015, we have been able to offer you potentially the strongest consumer and business protection in all areas of payment.

Possession and whoever holds money or goods can, and sometimes does, misuse that power regardless of obligation or moral right, to the detriment of the rightful owner. We have all suffered at the hands of an abusive party in a sale, who does not pay, or do as they promised and committed themselves to do. We believe that the internet should be used as a force for good, and that the world should be a safe place to do business, even with people you do not know personally. We have made it a priority to keep this service as low priced as possible, so that you can use it to secure your transactions where you do not want to lose money or suffer aggravation from a morally-wrong party on the other side of a transaction.

A buyer can transfer money directly to a seller’s bank account or use Virtual Currency so that the money is cleared and available almost immediately, without cost or delay. This rapid facility means that payment cannot be cancelled if, for example, the goods arrive broken or the services are performed inadequately. It became clear that many buyers and sellers would benefit from a trusted middle-man to hold funds safely for timescales ranging from five minutes to five months, until both sides are satisfied with the transaction. We believe in maintaining high standards in all business transactions. Our other business interests and experience include international commerce, where payment through a middle-man service for valuable goods is a standard commercial method through the use of Virtual Currencies and Bank Transfers. Escrowserves applies the same principle at very low cost to other commercial and domestic transactions.

Important Rules

By operating a secure, streamlined process, we achieve complete protection of your payments efficiently, smoothly, and at extremely low cost (according to the conditions you set and agree).But we can only do so by setting certain rules - if you do not keep to these rules, we cannot normally deal with you at all, and you may incur significant expense.


You cannot make payment on behalf of another party

We strictly forbid third party payments and third party transactions.


You cannot receive payment on behalf of another party

We strictly forbid third party payments and third party transactions.


Payments to us must only be from your cryptocurrency wallet/bank account

The payment cannot travel via any other party. Likewise, payments we make to you will only be made directly to your registered bank account.


The underlying transaction must be fully on your behalf - we will not accept a transaction where you are acting (even partly) for another party

You cannot act as a nominee or an agent or on behalf of another in the transaction underlying your payment - the transaction must be fully on your behalf. When you instruct us to make payment to the other party in your transaction, you will also have to pay a penny or cent to us (often refundable) from your account to confirm the instruction - it is particularly important to quote the correct unique payment reference with that penny/cent payment. In the event that you do not understand any of the rules stated, please endeavor to reach out to Support.