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  • Can Escrowserves take money out of my bank account ?

    No. Only you can take money out of your bank account and make your secure payments.

  • Does Escrowserves affect my legal rights in a Transaction ?

    Escrowserves protects you and does not lessen your legal rights in a transaction. Since Escrowserves only involves the payment for a transaction, you have every remedy in law after having used Esrowserves, just as if you had used another payment method. Even if you use the Escrowserves dispute process to resolve payment of the transaction amount and your chosen referee makes a binding ruling on who receives that payment, you still have every right in law including use of the Courts that you would have had had you used another payment method.If you wish, you and the other party to your Transaction can agree in advance to settle any dispute concerning the transaction (and not just payment of the Transaction Amount) by using the    Escrowserves dispute process. If you do so, then depending on what you decide in advance, a referee's decision may then be final, although this is outside the scope of Escrowserves.

  • Can Escrowserves be used to pay for online auctions?

    Escrowserves is suitable for any transaction involving payment of money, and so can also be used for payment following online auctions. For all but the lowest cost transactions, escrow via    Escrowserves may well be the most secure and the lowest cost method to use for online auction payments (for both the buyer and the seller).

  • From which countries can I use Escrowserves?

    You can use Escrowserves if you have a bank account and make use of virtual currencies in any EU country or Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland or the United States. We will still be able to deal with you if you do not have a bank account in any of the above countries

  • In which currencies can I use Escrowserves?

    You can use Escrowserves in GB Pounds, Euros, US Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, Canadian Dollars or Australian Dollars. Our standard transactions take place in US dollars and GB Pounds and Euros. For transaction which are denominated in any other currency, surcharges apply - please contact Escrowserves in advance to be notified of these surcharges on a case by case basis.